Sheddies wish you a fabulously flavoursome Christmas! 

Biz Bit

We just live to season and we put our passion into our products. If you’re interested in adding your label to our labours – whether it’s something we already do or something we make for you specially then get in touch at or call us on 01308 422046


Our range 

As you’ll see here at our online shop we’ve applied our experience in blending seasonings to creating store-cupboard meals full of flavour including risottos, couscous and rice puddings. During 2016 we’ll be launching a range of rice dishes. All our meal products are available for private label or we can work with you to develop your own from most readily-available and some specialist grains and grain products from giant couscous to quinoa. We have access to many vegetable ingredients that don’t currently feature in our products from olives to sweetcorn, asparagus to beetroot and green pepper. What we don’t use in nuts – we’re a completely nut-free environment. Nor do we handle any dried ingredients or derivatives from fish, meat or dairy.

Our service 

We can take your brief and budget and deliver simply what you want. Or we can take an idea and come up with costed solutions. We’ve now got over 10 years’ experience of working with customers from caterers and cafes to brands including Bay Tree and Sharpham Park to develop own-label product. In-house we can offer a complete copy and design package that extends to having your labels printed for you.

Packaging options 

We share our own packaging with clients from 125ml and 120ml square and round tubs. These tubs are made from polypropylene and have a tamper-evident resealable lid. They can be labelled direct onto the tub and/or encased in a cardboard sleeve. 
We also offer high-quality glass jars with the best available grinder-mechanisms meaning that they can be refilled several times over. 
Because we hold both plastic tubs and glass jars with grinders as stock items we can label and fill them for you without your having to buy stock in small quantities. Our bulk purchasing means we can pass our savings on to you.
From a brief we can also suggest other types of packaging including glass jars and tins from our trusted suppliers.
 We can also source gift packaging cartons to fit all our current product range.