Welcome to Dorset Spice Shed

Cook Simply, Eat Healthy

Whenever we go to Food Fairs and Festivals we're always surrounded by stalls sampling ready-made foods from pies to sweeties, fudge to sauces, crisps to cakes. They're all good - we're as happy to scoff them as everyone else - but sometimes we just catch ourselves hankering after something home-cooked from fresh ingredients whose provenance we can trust, easy to prepare and convivial to eat.

That's called cooking, friends! In an environment that's dominated by convenience foods sometimes we have a hard time getting the lovely folk interested in our seasoning blends - even if the finished dish only takes minutes to prepare with the minimum of ingredients, gadgets, cutlery and fuss.

But you must feel like us - or you wouldn't be here! So we guess you'd be happier making a tasty dish in your own kitchen than putting a frozen meal in the oven or the microwave or going on to your phone to order a takeaway, however well-prepared.

For us, the healthiness in the way we like to cook starts with the shopping - looking to see what's seasonal, fresh and unmuckedaboutwith. The pleasure of good shopping carries on into a relaxed and unfussy prep and then a simple cooking process. Could be quick, could be slow but it's got to be easy.

For us, this means simple slow-cooks, grills, casseroles and traybakes, often Mediterranean-inspired using few ingredients with not much washing up! Our main seasoning blends have been created to go exactly with this kind of cooking. Sometimes we'll up the stakes with a rub or marinade, create an easy starter with a pot of hummus and one of our Dippers. We're not great at deep-frying but our StreetFries make oven chips amazing for the days when only chips will do. When eating is about sharing we'll make a healthy version of something we can dip in a pot of our flavoured gravy - maybe some Yorkshires or roasted carrots instead of nuggets.

For us simple doesn't have to mean boring. Quite the contrary. It's just that we believe food can taste great without sugary sauces or salty sides. For centuries before sugar, salt and fat were used to make processed food taste good people used herbs and spices, judicious amounts of salt and a twist of precious pepper to make their meals interesting. Nowadays we can roam the whole globe for spices and herbs and learn how they're used to best effect. Our job is to blend all that knowledge into one little pot and bring it right back home to your kitchen.

Shop well, cook simple, season well, eat healthy. Enjoy, It's the Way of the Shed and it tastes good.