Sheddies wish you a fabulously flavoursome Christmas! 

Cook Simply, Eat Healthy

The healthiness in the way we like to cook starts with the shopping - looking to see what's seasonal, fresh and unmuckedaboutwith. The pleasure of good shopping carries on into a relaxed and unfussy prep and then a simple cooking process. Could be quick, could be slow but it's got to be easy.

For us, this means simple slow-cooks, grills, casseroles and traybakes, often Mediterranean-inspired using few ingredients with not much washing up! Our main seasoning blends have been created to go exactly with this kind of cooking. 

But simple doesn't have to mean boring. We've travelled around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to excite our taste buds with spices and herbs and learning how they're used to best effect in seasoning blends. Our job is to blend all that knowledge into one little pot and bring it right back home to your kitchen.

Shop well, cook simple, season well, eat healthy. Enjoy, It's the Way of the Shed and it tastes good.