About Us

Hi there welcome to the Dorset Spice Shed! Come and share our love of seasonings!

For us seasonings really are the magic ingredients in food. Those herbs, spices, salt and pepper, dried vegetables - they all make what's good taste even better.

We're experimenting all the time with new blends and new ways to use our blends. And we're always learning from recipes online or in books about different spices and herbs that we just have to try.

We started back in 2011 and the business grew from a love of seasonings that for Richard, the owner and founder, went right back to childhood with a storecupboard full of exotic and everyday herbs and spices.

Most of the herbs and spices we use are air-dried (as opposed to freeze-dried) and this is really important to us because where the drying is in the sun (like chilli and paprika) or in drying-sheds (like pepper) no other energy is used in their production. Drying along with salting is the oldest method of food preservation known to us humans and we love the fact that much of what goes into our blends is in the same, sustainable tradition. 

For us the excitement in our work comes from creating blends, developing them, cooking with them, succeeding and failing followed by the naming, packing, seeing them onto the shelves and waiting for people to tell us what they think.

We aren't always about recipes - we're very much freehand about flavour - but we're always about making things taste good. Join us, share the love, and enjoy tastier food - everyday!

The Sheddies xx