Welcome to Dorset Spice Shed

About the Spice Shed

We love seasonings. It’s a minority pastime but we don’t care. We come into work every day here in Bridport and mix up all things subtle and nice to make your food and ours taste better. For us, it’s heaven.
We started back in 2006 in the shed in the garden at home in a West Dorset village and we’ve grown happily from there to the micro-business we are today.
Our recipes are ours and they’re precious to us. We use just as many ingredients as we need to without worrying about the cost. If an ingredient has a part to play then the show won’t go on without it.
The best compliment anyone can pay us when they use our blends is to say their food tastes good. That’s all. We don’t want our products to flavour your food not bully it. We’re bringers-together not big-I-ams. Our goal is culinary harmony. It’s the Way of the Shed. And it tastes Good.