We're currently using plastic for our minipot containers for two reasons:

1 It's hygienic and keeps our seasonings fresh for longer
2 We totally trust you, our customer, to recycle our packaging, thereby minimising its environmental impact.

PP05 Our mini pots are made from Polypropylene and can be recycled at most facilities. At the moment we ask you to remove the label and bin it. By the end of 2018, we will have found a recyclable label that complements the pot so they can be recycled together

Our tins are made from recyclable steel. Labels are printed onto non-recyclable vinyl so we need to ask you to peel the labels off and bin them please until we can find an alternative.

We are looking all the time at new possible forms of packaging including metal. We're confident that sooner rather than later the packaging industry will come up with alternatives and we talk regularly to our suppliers to see what's coming up. We're on the case.