Small and mighty. Big and bold. Massive flavours born in a little shed. 

Vegan & Gluten-Free

All our seasoning products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Check out our range of StreetFood Spices inspired by the world's greatest outdoor markets where vegan and vegetarian ingredients are a matter of fact. 

For more traditional cooking try our StreetFries on chips, Moroccan Vegetable trayroast for a delicious weekday supper and dip, dunk or pour our amazing flavoured gravy mixes over your favourite vegan dishes. 

We admit - some of our products are clearly aimed at meat eaters. The names are a bit of a giveaway. Sorry.

Free From: We're a very small factory and just don't have the space to run a separate production line for non- gluten so we can't and wouldn't claim that our products are gluten-free. 

However, of course, we observe all the strictest hygiene rules to clean down after we handle gluten-containing products (essentially wheat for our couscous) range so having checked carefully with Government guidelines we know we can tell you that our products have no gluten-containing ingredients.

Happy Cooking - everyone!