Welcome to Dorset Spice Shed

Vegan & Free From

All our seasoning products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We admit - some of our products are clearly aimed at meat eaters. The names are a bit of a giveaway. Sorry.

That doesn't mean they have to be eaten with meat. It's just that our traybake and Slow'n'Saucy products are designed for longer cooking which can be not so great for vegetables, tofu, seitan etc. which are better flavoured and cooked quickly.

We experiment all the time with vegan cooking so we know that our gravy, StreetFries, Krispy Roasties, Spice Blends and Chef's Range are great on vegan ingredients. 

For Christmas cooking half our range is highly vegan-friendly: stuffings, mixed spice, red cabbage spices, sticky glazing spices, cider mulling and wine mulling. 

So we invite all vegans and vegetarians looking for tastier food to try us out. We'll continue to develop new serving suggestions exclusively for vegans, take pics and post them on the site.

Free From: We're a very small factory and just don't have the space to run a separate production line for non- gluten so we can't and wouldn't claim that our products are gluten-free.

However, of course, we observe all the strictest hygiene rules to clean down after we handle gluten-containing products (essentially wheat for our couscous) range so having checked carefully with Government guidelines we know we can tell you that our products have no gluten-containing ingredients.

Happy Cooking - everyone!